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Embracing each child's individual gifts, to promote positive learning.  

Camp MakeBelieve KidsĀ®

Camp MakeBelieve Kids is a nationally-recognized, award winning program, focused on teaching and developing emotional competence in children through interactive stories, group activities, art and discussion.  The program involves specifically designed activities to build a child's decision making process, problem solving abilities and self-image.  

If your child demonstrates the behaviors listed below, Camp Make Believe Kids is a tool that can help.   

  • Throws regular temper tantrums
  • Easily frustrated
  • Displays hyper activity
  • Becomes stressed easily
  • Has trouble expressing needs
  • Shows little empathy toward others
  • Makes poor choices
  • Demonstrates mad moods
  • Has a difficult time making or keeping friends
  • Expert at manipulation
  • A victim of bullying

At My Place To Be we provide a safe place for children to express emotions and learn to believe in themselves. 

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Camp MakeBelieve Kids