My Place To Be

Creating social and emotional competence in children.

Teen Transitions to help our teens navigate socially and emotionally to the next chapter of their journey.  To insure they are social emotionally prepared for the challenges of future life and job skills while working on communication obstacles many of our teens face.

We are not only focusing on social emotional stability but life and job skills to make our teens as independent as possible.  The teens run an online store thru ETSY called MP2B Shop and learn how to manage money, work together, market and care for their business. The funds from their store help provide community based learning experiences.  Some of the past things we have done, is going bowling, movies but also going to the grocery store purchasing food then preparing a meal together.  

Our 8 week summer programs have just ended for the year.  I am looking forward to next summer to continue this program.  Through out the school year we continue to meet every Saturday morning from 10:30 - 12:00 to encourage socialization and transition into adulthood.