Grades 3-6 Social Smarts Classes

My Place To Be has afterschool programs for elementary age students.  We utilize evidence based programs to help children navigate the social world.  

We utilize Camp Make Believe Kids a nationally-recognized, award winning program, focused on teaching and developing emotional competence in children through interactive stories, group activities, art and discussion.  The program involves specifically designed activities to build a child's decision making process, problem solving abilities and self-image.  

We also supplement with GoZen program and the SuperFlex series to  provides a fun and motivating way to teach students with social and communication difficulties.  We have enjoyed utilizing these program for our younger students to help further their social awareness giving our students strategies to self regulation. If your child struggles with:

  • Throws regular temper tantrums
  • Easily frustrated
  • Displays hyper activity
  • Becomes stressed easily
  • Has trouble expressing needs
  • Shows little empathy toward others
  • Makes poor choices
  • Demonstrates mad moods
  • Has a difficult time making or keeping friends
  • Expert at manipulation
  • A victim of bullying

This program maybe helpful.  At My Place To Be we provide a safe place for children to express emotions and learn to believe in themselves. 

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