What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Why Social Emotional Learning?

The rise in school violence and bullying is scary for us all.  My Place To Be understands the answer doesn't lie in equipping schools with metal detectors, but helping students develop the skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflict nonviolently, and make responsible decisions. 

Social and emotional learning (SEL) provides a children and teens a foundation for safe positive learning, which enhances a students' ability to succeed in school, careers, and life. Research shows that SEL not only improves academic achievement, but it also promotes kindness, sharing, empathy, improves attitudes toward school, and reduces depression and stress among students.

Students are more successful in school and daily life when they:

• Know and can manage themselves.

• Understand the perspectives of others and relate effectively with them.

• Make positive choices about personal and social decisions.

Benefits of SEL Program are:

• More positive attitudes toward oneself, others, and tasks, with self-efficacy, confidence, persistence, empathy, and a sense of purpose.

• Positive social behaviors and relationships with peers and adults.

• Reduced violence, aggression and risk-taking behavior.

• Decreased emotional distress.

• Improved test scores, grades, and attendance

The long term benefits of SEL are greater social and emotional competence, which can promote success in high school graduation and future careers, positive family and work relationships, better mental health, reduced criminal behavior, and engaged citizens.