Admission Procedure
My Place To Be's Education Center has a rolling admissions policy, subject to availability in classrooms. Although applications are encouraged early in the calendar year, we will process applications throughout the year.

To insure success for the child and the current children of My Place To Be we have an admission process to help insure all children admitted into program can have a multi-step admission process.  Each student will go through the same admission process. First an application packet must be filled out. Then the staff will review the file and decide if the student is a good candidate for our educational environment.  In review of students ETR and IEP and a visit with parents and child, the staff and advisory board will then make a decision if we feel we can meet the child's needs for a successful education.  At this point, we offer a 30 day trial probation period to see if they child can strive in our environment.  After the 30 days we will make a decision on the child's continued stay at My Place To Be through observations, parent, teacher and staff input.  

Jon Peterson Scholarship Application 2022-2023

Autism Scholarship Application 2022-20223