MP2B Animation Studio

Christa Milner the founder of My Place To Be started to notice the fascination with animation in many of her students over the last 10 years.  Whether it is gaming, Lego stop motion movies or drawing animated characters she found that this is a great way for children to connect.  Thanks to a grant from Energy Cooperative in 2015 we were able to purchase computers and animation software for our students to begin developing their own story lines.  

We are amazed on how quickly the students are able to effectively use the animation software and develop full moving animated shorts.  The benefits of this program are endless.  We have the opportunity to develop short movies at the view of a child and teens with their own unique challenges.   The students are learning to work and learn independent yet  promote team work on production and editing their projects.  Students learn about story boards and the planning of an animated film. Animation is a great way for us as an organization to foster social emotional learning skills with our students by them creating social stories through animation that can be shared with others.

Many of our students are on the autism spectrum, with this they are hyper focused on animation and movie making.  My Place to Be's mission is to help foster these talents and passion into their life purpose.  With the ToonBoom Software students will be allowed to not only use this experience as a hobby but to actually become a certified animator through ToonBoom.   Creating opportunities for the rest of their lives as a career and beyond.  

We are excited to see how this program develops, and as we receive funding will continue to grow the program with additional equipment and expertise.