Our Philosophy on Learning.

My Place To Be Education Center's philosophy is that each child is a unique individual and is highly respected as such. We believe that every child must first achieve freedom through order, as well as self-discipline, each within a warm, loving atmosphere. These skills provide the basis that the child needs to achieve his or her goals. My Place To Be School  is committed to an education that serves the whole child and incorporates a wide array of experiences designed to encourage learning across each area: cognitive, social, emotional, ethical, and physical.  

Educational Philosophy 

My Place To Be’s, program, educational philosophy is to look at every child as an individual. We will evaluate their current academic levels and build upon that foundation, and increase achievement at developmentally appropriate rates and levels. Students and staff will target individualized sensory, social, emotional and educational goals and develop a personalized plan toward optimum success. My Place To Be believes that to achieving academic success is a cooperative venture between students, teachers, support staff and the family. We will use a multi-sensory approach to learning incorporating sensory and movement into our classroom, including the Orton-Gillingham Approach to reading, which has been in use since the 1930’s. An intensive, sequential phonics-based system teaches the basics of word formation before whole meanings. The method accommodates and utilizes the three learning modalities, or pathways, through which people learn—visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Unlike some scripted and  rigid reading programs, the Orton-Gillingham Approach is a system that allows for flexibility, utilizing a more organic way of learning for students who learn auditory, visually and  kinetically .