2018 Summer Camps weeks of June 24th and July 9th 

June 24th - June 29th - Fun in the Garden!  We will learn all about our food where it comes from, planting and enjoying our new gardens at My Place To Be.  Lots of art and games added in.  We also be doing a field trip this week to learn about other gardens and their supper powers.  

July 9th - July 13th Science Adventure Camp!  Each day will have a new theme with lots of experiments, art, and games. 
Monday - Water Science
Tuesday - Plants and Insects
Wednesday - Weather Science
Thursday- Rockets and Explosions 
Friday - Energy and Electricity.
Join us for some Summer Science and Garden adventures. 

Times M-F 10-4; early drop off and late pickups are available for $20 a day.  
Cost $150 per week.  Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship and Autism Scholarship funds can be billed. Private Scholarships are also available.  

 We will also have intervention specialist and tutoring options during summer for anyone who is looking for additional summer support.  Please contact Christa Milner cmilner@myplace2b.org or 740-899-4296

Life Camp - For our students who are in high school preparing to transition on to jobs or college

For students who may have social emotional or academic challenges they may need additional prep time to get ready for the next step.  This will be the third year for our transitions camp and we have seen some great outcomes preparing our students.  This year we will be doing 2 weeks.

June 18th - June 22nd  and July 16th - July 20th.  

These are mini life boot camp on looking at what we really want to do in life.  Looking at aptitude tests and seeing what areas are best suited for the next step.  If college is where we want to go looking at planning on what happens in high school to get us ready.  If we want to go to trade school or right into job force what do we need to do to hold down a job.  How do you write a resume and fill out an application.  What social skills do we need to move forward in life.  

How do we go to the grocery store, create a budget, how much money do we need to make to live on our own? Want a car? What do you have to do to be a responsible car owner? License, insurance, gas and maintenance all those things that we don't think about.  Life can be hard for our students but if we can prepare them for some of these challenges and have them thinking about the next step they will do great! 

Camp starts daily at 9:30 and goes to 3:30; Cost is $150 for the week. (Autism Scholarship and Jon Peterson Scholarship can be used for these camps) My Place to Be also has additional scholarships available to families in need. Any questions please contact Christa Milner at cmilner@myplace2b.org or call 740-899-4296.